The reason I always get less done than I intend!
The reason I always get less done than I intend!

I am currently based in Detroit with my partner and our two cats. I am best described as a lifelong student. Given my current plan, I imagine I will likely spend much of my life in education. After completing my B.A. in Cognitive Science and Philosophy at Johns Hopkins, I began working in Public Health research in Baltimore. This research focused on HIV prevention in substance users, and it allowed me to engage with my community in a way that I had not during college.

After a year of working full-time, I decided it was time to continue school. I completed my M.S. part-time while continuing to work in research. In 2014, my P.I. moved to New York along with my supervisor explored the more administrative side of academia while continuing to coordinate public health research. During this time I began to delve more deeply into neuroethics and began focusing on a couple of different projects in this area.

I am now in my first year of an MD/PhD program at Wayne State University. I plan to complete my PhD in neuroscience, focusing on substance abuse. This will be at least another 8 years dedicated to schooling – very exciting!

When I am not taking on too many projects, I can also be found wandering around Detroit, reading with my cats, or traveling wherever and whenever time and money allow!

Photo credit for cat pictures and the header photo: Shanna Edberg Photography

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