Tabitha Moses

MD/PhD Candidate
Wayne State University School of Medicine

Email: tabitha.moses [at] gmail.com





I am currently pursuing an MD/PhD (Neuroscience) at Wayne State University. I earned my B.A. in Cognitive Science and Philosophy, and my M.S. in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University.

I am interested in exploring the links between addiction of various sorts, mental illness, and early life trauma. Through understanding these links we should be able to develop targeted interventions for individuals struggling with addiction. Through my work in the brain sciences, public health, and medical fields I have also developed a passion for neuroethics and bioethics. My involvement in these fields includes research into addiction, consciousness, and moral responsibility.

I keep my current research topics updated here along with a list of upcoming presentations. Another project I am working on is my blog where I write about my thoughts on academia and topics I am studying. In addition, I am maintaining an MD/PhD log for those interested by my long journey in research and medicine.


Recent Updates:

 – Published How talking about the coronavirus as an enemy combatant can backfire in The Conversation.
– Selected to serve on the AMA-MSS House Coordination Committee
– Published Medical Students Do Not Owe You Their Trauma in In-Training.

 – Elected to serve for a 2nd year as AMA-MSS Region 5 Legislative & Policy Chair
– Presented poster Opioid Overdose Prevention and Response Training Improves Knowledge and Attitudes Toward Opioid Overdose and Naloxone Use in First Year Medical Students at The College on Problems of Drug Dependence Virtual Conference.

– Began 1- year term as Medical Student Representative for the MSMS Board of Directors
– Successfully passed graduate school qualifying exams & progressed to candidacy status



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